Explore Tokyo’s Best: A Comprehensive Guide to the City’s Must-Visit Attractions(Odaiba, Shinagawa Area)

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If you’re considering touring Tokyo but are overwhelmed by the number of places you want to visit, this article is for you. We will introduce you to a wide range of attractions, from the classic to the hidden gems. Use this article as a guide to enjoy Tokyo to the fullest.

Tokyo, a metropolis with diverse attractions in each area, offers:

  • The charm and atmosphere of the old downtown areas,
  • Traditional streetscapes, buildings, and culture,
  • Night views, gourmet food, and amusement parks,
  • The ambiance and allure of the city center,
  • A mix of urban and natural attractions, including amusement facilities,
  • Enjoyment of nature and greenery.

From the emotional downtown areas to the sophisticated city center, Tokyo shows various faces. There are attractions filled with history, leisure, shopping, entertainment, and gourmet food in each area. Despite its urban impression, Tokyo also has many spots where you can touch nature. There are numerous tourist spots, some of which even residents haven’t fully explored.

Odaiba, Shinagawa Area
The Odaiba to Shinagawa area, located along the waterfront, is known for its beautiful nightscapes. It features amusement facilities and outdoor parks, making it a popular spot for families and couples.

Rainbow Bridge

  1. Rainbow Bridge
    The Rainbow Bridge, which could be considered a landmark of the Odaiba to Shinagawa area, lights up colorfully from evening to night, creating a fantastic scene. It’s a favorite spot among tourists and photographers alike.

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Interestingly, you can walk across the Rainbow Bridge. The midway observation platform is a popular photo spot, offering a unique experience of walking over the sea.

Odaiba Marine Park

  1. Odaiba Marine Park
    With views of the Rainbow Bridge and the waterfront, Odaiba Marine Park allows for beach sports and cruising. The area also includes a replica of the Statue of Liberty and the Fuji TV building, among other landmarks. It’s a place where you can feel the sea breeze while in Tokyo.

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The Statue of Liberty replica in Odaiba Marine Park is periodically lit up. The lighting color changes depending on the occasion, making it a great spot for creating memories.


Toyosu Market

  1. Toyosu Market
    Toyosu Market, the public wholesale market that moved from Tsukiji, is not only for professionals but also open for the general public to view tuna auctions and dine at various restaurants. The Uogashi Yokocho market within Toyosu sells a wide range of processed food products, perfect for Tokyo souvenirs.

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In Toyosu Market, there’s Edo-mae Shijou-shita Machi, a section filled with various food and goods stores, including ramen, sushi, grilled dishes, and sweets, as well as dried food and tsukudani shops. This area offers a diverse lineup, differing in operating hours from the main market, so please be mindful of that.

English | ザ・豊洲市場【公式】

Tsukishima Monjayaki Street

  1. Tsukishima Monjayaki Street
    Tsukishima Monjayaki Street, located near Tsukishima Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and the Toei Oedo Line, is famous for its row of monjayaki (a type of Japanese pan-fried batter dish) restaurants. The scent of monjayaki alone can make you hungry, making it difficult to choose which shop to enter. Takeout monjayaki is also available, making for a great souvenir.

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The Tsukishima Monja Promotion Association’s official X (formerly Twitter) account introduces recommended shops and signature menus. If you’re having trouble deciding where to eat, this is a great resource to check out.



    SMALL WORLDS TOKYO, located in Ariake, is the world’s largest indoor miniature theme park. It’s an amusement facility where you can enjoy regardless of the weather. Unique programs allow you to create a miniature version of yourself with a 3D scanner and become a resident within the park.

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The official X account of SMALL WORLDS TOKYO offers various ways to enjoy your visit, including photo contests and workshops for creating miniatures. It’s recommended to refer to it for a full experience of the miniature world.


Tokyo is filled with recommended tourist spots, each area boasting its own unique charm. From nature-rich spaces to historical and atmospheric locales, Tokyo has a diverse appeal. Visiting these spots is sure to leave unforgettable memories.