Explore Tokyo’s Best: A Comprehensive Guide to the City’s Must-Visit Attractions(Marunouchi, Ginza Area)

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If you’re considering touring Tokyo but are overwhelmed by the number of places you want to visit, this article is for you. We will introduce you to a wide range of attractions, from the classic to the hidden gems. Use this article as a guide to enjoy Tokyo to the fullest.

Tokyo, a metropolis with diverse attractions in each area, offers:

  • The charm and atmosphere of the old downtown areas,
  • Traditional streetscapes, buildings, and culture,
  • Night views, gourmet food, and amusement parks,
  • The ambiance and allure of the city center,
  • A mix of urban and natural attractions, including amusement facilities,
  • Enjoyment of nature and greenery.

From the emotional downtown areas to the sophisticated city center, Tokyo shows various faces. There are attractions filled with history, leisure, shopping, entertainment, and gourmet food in each area. Despite its urban impression, Tokyo also has many spots where you can touch nature. There are numerous tourist spots, some of which even residents haven’t fully explored.

Marunouchi, Ginza Area
Stretching from Marunouchi, Ginza, this area is dotted with buildings rich in historical atmosphere. Tokyo Station and other spots are attractions in themselves. Here are some must-visit recommended spots in the Marunouchi, Ginza area:

Tokyo Station

  1. Tokyo Station
    With over 100 years of history, Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi building, made of red brick, is designated as an Important Cultural Property. It’s a mega-terminal where around 3,000 trains arrive daily, bustling with passengers and tourists. Additionally, there are restaurant buses departing from Tokyo Station, offering a combined experience of sightseeing and dining. For more details, check the following article.

More Recommended Information
The area around Tokyo Station regularly hosts light-up events. For instance, an event featuring lanterns took place at the Granroof near the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station. Although Tokyo Station is attractive in its everyday state, visiting during a limited-time light-up event can make for an even more memorable experience.

GRANSTA Tokyo Station (Japan)
There are a variety of commercial facilities in and around Tokyo Station!Whatever your purpose is, please stop by.

The Imperial Palace

  1. The Imperial Palace
    The Imperial Palace, where the Emperor resides, is also a well-known tourist destination. The East Gardens of the Imperial Palace and the outer gardens are open to the public throughout the year, offering beautiful views of seasonal flowers and trees. The palace area used for official duties can also be toured. It attracts many visitors, including tourists and runners.

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The Chidorigafuchi area near the Imperial Palace regularly hosts a “lantern floating” event, creating a magical and soothing atmosphere. Depending on the event, prior application or a lottery may be required, so it’s advisable to check in advance.


Kabuki-za Theatre

  1. Kabuki-za Theatre
    The Kabuki-za Theatre, established in Meiji 22 (1889), has a long history and specializes in kabuki performances, continuing to disseminate Japan’s traditional performing arts. The theatre is directly connected to the subway, allowing for easy access to dining and shopping. It attracts many tourists, both domestic and international, coming to watch kabuki.

More Recommended Information
“Hitomaku-miseki” tickets, available only on the day of the performance, allow you to watch a single act of a play. This is a cost-effective option for those with a tight schedule or who wish to rewatch a particular scene.

Kabukiza Theatre Information|Theatres|KABUKI WEB
Kabukiza Theatre Information|Theatres|KABUKI WEB|Kabuki Official Site with info on upcoming plays and ticket booking.Still vibrant and exciting today, Kabuki is...


  1. Nihonbashi
    Nihonbashi is an area where important cultural properties and long-established stores are located, offering a sense of nostalgia. Large department stores like COREDO Nihonbashi, as well as confectionery shops and restaurants, are plentiful, making it ideal for sightseeing and shopping. River cruises offering views of the scenic townscape are also available.

More Recommended Information
Tombori Bridge is a popular tourist spot in the Nihonbashi area. Walking across it is recommended, but cruising underneath on the river cruise offers a different charm.


Akihabara Electric Town

  1. Akihabara Electric Town
    Akihabara Electric Town, known as the holy land of anime and game culture in Japan, is a must-see spot for enthusiasts. It boasts a vast assortment of electronic products, alongside numerous specialty stores for anime, manga, and game merchandise. It attracts many tourists, both from Japan and overseas.

More Recommended Information
Akihabara Electric Town has an official YouTube channel filled with information on recommended stores and electronic products. Checking it out beforehand can help you find the shops and items you’re interested in.


Tokyo is filled with recommended tourist spots, each area boasting its own unique charm. From nature-rich spaces to historical and atmospheric locales, Tokyo has a diverse appeal. Visiting these spots is sure to leave unforgettable memories.