Explore Tokyo’s Best: A Comprehensive Guide to the City’s Must-Visit Attractions(Asakusa, Ueno Area)

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If you’re considering touring Tokyo but are overwhelmed by the number of places you want to visit, this article is for you. We will introduce you to a wide range of attractions, from the classic to the hidden gems. Use this article as a guide to enjoy Tokyo to the fullest.

Tokyo, a metropolis with diverse attractions in each area, offers:

  • The charm and atmosphere of the old downtown areas,
  • Traditional streetscapes, buildings, and culture,
  • Night views, gourmet food, and amusement parks,
  • The ambiance and allure of the city center,
  • A mix of urban and natural attractions, including amusement facilities,
  • Enjoyment of nature and greenery.

From the emotional downtown areas to the sophisticated city center, Tokyo shows various faces. There are attractions filled with history, leisure, shopping, entertainment, and gourmet food in each area. Despite its urban impression, Tokyo also has many spots where you can touch nature. There are numerous tourist spots, some of which even residents haven’t fully explored.

Asakusa, Ueno Area

The Asakusa, Ueno area is dotted with many tourist spots filled with downtown charm. You can enjoy sightseeing along the Sumida River or take photos at various photogenic spots. Here are some recommended tourist spots to visit in the Asakusa, Ueno area:

Senso-ji Temple and Kaminarimon Gate

  1. Senso-ji Temple and Kaminarimon Gate
    Senso-ji Temple, with the famous Kaminarimon Gate, is a renowned tourist spot representing Tokyo. It’s the oldest temple in Tokyo, attracting many visitors from Japan and abroad. Recently, it has also become popular as a photo spot. The Nakamise-dori street leading from Kaminarimon Gate to the temple is lined with souvenir shops and Japanese sweet stores, where many tourists enjoy snacking as they walk.

More Recommended Information
On the 18th of every month, Senso-ji holds its monthly fair. Different banners than the usual lanterns are displayed, offering a chance to take unique photos that stand out on social media.

Tokyo Skytree

  1. Tokyo Skytree
    The Tokyo Skytree is hailed as a new landmark of Tokyo. Standing at 634 meters, the view from the observation deck is breathtaking. It houses a shopping center, planetarium, and an aquarium, among other leisure facilities. With plenty of cafes and souvenir shops, it’s also convenient for a short break or souvenir shopping.

More Recommended Information
Joining a tour allows you access to areas of the Skytree that are usually off-limits, providing a rare opportunity to experience the structure of the Skytree up close. It’s sure to be an unforgettable part of your trip.

Ueno Zoo

  1. Ueno Zoo
    Ueno Zoo, known for its giant pandas and other animals, is Japan’s first zoo. It houses hundreds of species, allowing visitors to enjoy nature even within the city. The zoo also has gift shops and snack bars, so you don’t have to worry about taking breaks or finding souvenirs.

More Recommended Information
Inside the zoo, “Birdsong” and “Café Chameleon” offer cute bento boxes shaped like pandas and elephants, perfect for social media.

The National Museum of Western Art

  1. The National Museum of Western Art
    Located in Ueno Park, The National Museum of Western Art specializes in Western art. It features paintings by Monet and Van Gogh, sculptures by Rodin, and more. The café facing the courtyard offers menu items inspired by paintings, making it a must-visit spot for art lovers.

More Recommended Information
The museum has a YouTube channel introducing its collection and activities. Checking it out before your visit can deepen your understanding of the museum’s history and collection.

Sumida Edo Kiriko Hall

  1. Sumida Edo Kiriko Hall
    The Sumida Edo Kiriko Hall is a specialty store for Edo Kiriko, traditional cut glass, separated from a glass manufacturer with over 100 years of history. Edo Kiriko is appreciated as a gift, featuring unique expressions through the reflection of light. Visitors can watch artisans create pieces by hand and even experience making Edo Kiriko themselves.

More Recommended Information
Sumida Edo Kiriko Hall is the only Edo Kiriko shop in Tokyo with an attached workshop. It’s recommended for those looking to make memories in Tokyo by trying their hand at creating Kiriko. Remember, reservations are required for experiences.


Tokyo is filled with recommended tourist spots, each area boasting its own unique charm. From nature-rich spaces to historical and atmospheric locales, Tokyo has a diverse appeal. Visiting these spots is sure to leave unforgettable memories.